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Bozeman, Montana

Shan is the result of 20 years of eating and cooking across Asia. Of two decades spent in Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. The restaurant’s design owes much to the cozy Izakaya of Japan -- it is a mountain tavern where people are invited to share local beers, interesting wines and ciders from small producers, that pair well with small plates intended for sharing. The restaurant isn’t explicitly Thai or authentically Chinese – it is, simply, a place that reflects Jarrett and Candice’s culinary past, in their unexpected, exciting present.


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Soul Food Mahanakorn

Bangkok, Thailand

Soul Food Mahanakorn started off with a pretty simple idea: to serve authentic regional Thai food – mostly the sort eaten on the street – in a comfortable setting. Since dreaming up this joint we’ve changed things a bit – we’re part cocktail bar and part Thai restaurant, with a solid wine list too. We like to think we play pretty good music. And because we care about our food and where it comes from, we source many of our ingredients from small farms in the northeast of Thailand. Our rice is organic and fair trade, our meats free-range, and our menu is seasonal with daily specials.

But enough about all that. It’s supposed to be satisfying, fun and delicious. An eating and drinking experience with some soul. That’s the point.

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20191017 Appia 01.jpg

 Appia Trattoria

Bangkok, Thailand

At Appia, we’ve brought the Roman trattoria to Bangkok. The chef and owner, Paolo Vitaletti, grew up as a butcher’s son, eating hearty homemade pastas, stews, and roasted meats brought home by his father and prepared lovingly by his mother. At Appia, our mission to serve this style of cooking — rustic, satisfying, and uncompromising in quality — in a casual environment. Our pastas are made fresh daily, and meats like porchetta — pork stuffed with fennel pollen, garlic and rosemary — are roasted behind the bar. We have a great selection of Italian cold cuts and cheeses, and serve Mediterranean seafood and imported meats treated with simplicity and respect. We also offer 8-10 wines by the glass, a line-up of classic and modern twists on appertivo cocktails, and a wide-ranging wine list that highlights small producers from around the Mediterranean.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Great pizza comes with strict guidelines.

At Peppina we adhere to the rules of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, an association created to promote and protect the rich heritage of pizza worldwide.

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Soul Food Thai

Hong Kong

Soul Food Thai is inspired by the rich food culture of Thailand and the diversity of the country’s regional dishes, where sourcing the best ingredients and treating them with the respect they deserve is key. Much like our famed sister restaurants, Soul Food Mahanakorn and Soul Food 555 in Bangkok, we pride ourselves on creating a relaxed atmosphere where friends and family can gather to enjoy incredible food, refreshing cocktails and the finest in Thai hospitality.

Khao Soi Cowboy.jpg

Soul Food 555

Bangkok, Thailand

We wanted  a different concept from our first restaurant Soul Food Mahanakorn, something more fun, on the go, but still keeping in line with our philosophy – wholesome ingredients and honest cooking.  We created a smaller menu, of Thai sandwiches,  classic grapows, comfort noodles,  and here we are today, serving wagyu beef grapows, pulled pork khao soi burgers with a tequila shot, and having some serious fun.

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